God is my Source: Part 2

The Ultimate Provision

Jesus Christ is the ultimate provision. Through Jesus, God has provided all that we could ever need. When Christ died and rose from the dead, life was made available for all. So in this life, God has provided everything a person could ever need; salvation, protection, provision, healing and all his promises and blessings. God loves his children and desires a relationship with them, which is why he sent his Son, Jesus Christ. As children of God, the most important thing we should desire is to have a relationship with him too. Our relationship with the Father should be based on love and appreciation for all he does for us. He is a good Father that loves taking care of his children and providing what they need. Because of Jesus Christ, we have an open invitation to ask from the Father whatever we need and if it’s in God’s plan for our lives, we can be confident that we will receive it. Psalms 84:11 tells us “No good thing will he withhold from us if we live uprightly.” There are countless scriptures in the word of God that let us know that we can ask from God our heart’s desire and he will answer us. But what happens if we have been asking God for something and he doesn’t answer us? What do we do then? I urge us to be mindful that even if God does not answer any of our prayers, at least he has given us the ultimate provision through Jesus Christ, which is far greater than any earthly blessings he could have given us. We must always ask God for the grace to keep Jesus Christ as the Lord of our lives above all things. God tells us in his Word not to worry about what we will eat or wear, instead we are to seek his kingdom and live righteously. He will provide all that we need. (Matthew 6:31-33). Putting God’s will above ours enables us to trust in his plan for our lives. This way when things do not go in the way we hoped that they would, we won’t lose faith in him. We will know that whatever the outcome is, God is good and he is working all things out for our good. (Romans 8:28). God has made an ultimate provision plan through Christ and it’s available to all. All we need to do is accept him by faith and allow him to become the Savior and Lord of our lives. This way no matter what we go through, we know that God is there for us. No matter how difficult things may appear on this earth, we will have a hope that one day it will all be over and we will reign with Christ forever. My prayer is that everyone that reads this blog will grab ahold of God’s ultimate provision plan in Jesus name, amen.


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